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Björgell´s Acute illnesses and injuries

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This site is intended for healthcare professionals, the way we take care of our visitors in the emergency rooms. I will continuously add new emergency care guidelines and other useful content. It grows and was started in May 2016.

The material includes conditions that are deemed to have RED (priority 1), ORANGE (Priority 2), YELLOW (Priority 3), or GREEN priority (Priority 4), ie, everything from immediate urgency to mild emergency conditions. The sections are addressed to all staff in the emergency care.

In the first place, the guidelines are intended for doctors regarding treatment and decisions. The site is basically written in Swedish, however multilingual, so you just select your language and continue! Treatments are up to date and of international character. I find the translations pretty good!

You will get to the main site with this link - or just click the logo above! Then select the desired language.

The site is also intended for nurses and assistant nurses - from the pre-hospital (EMS) team, to the emergency department (ED) team, and to the wards.


The guidelines can be used for emergency cases in primary care, but are designed for the level of care at hospital EDs.

In the margin, you can click Contents A-Z, and search the ICD10 codes, diagnoses, tests, and symptoms, last sections read, and the texts corresponding to different specialities and acute conditions.

I started the site May 30, 2016, with 50 titles, now you'll find plenty of guidelines. The rest will come gradually from now on. Some sections are already completed, but will be adapted for the web.

You will find information about emergency handling, the emergency conditions, images, and differential diagnoses.

I would appreciate if anyone wanted to come here may subscribe to information updates, news and any changes. There is no cost, is quickly done, and I also get an idea of ​​the interest for an emergency site like this. The same also applies to non-medical readers.

Please read the important prerequisites for this site - what applies and what is expected from me!

Björgells Acute illnesses and injuries will progressively be more and more complete, and I believe and hope you will find it useful and interesting! Please come with views!

Nice reading and kind regards,

Helsingborg, Sweden
May 8th, 2019

Per Björgell, Emergency physician, GP, MD, PhD